IT Leadership Academy Space

The IT Leadership Academy hosted by Florida State College crafts curriculum specifically for the development and advancement of information technology leaders. Such leaders include, but are not limited to; CIOs, CTOs, Directors, Program and Project Managers, Senior Consultants, and Technical Leads.

The program offerings feature a distinguished faculty consisting of renowned IT thought leaders, content experts, and successful executives in the field sharing their ideas, perspectives, and experiences in a rich state-of-the-art and comfortable educational setting. Programs provide opportunities to develop and leverage a strong professional network of future and current IT leaders in all industry types. A post-baccalaureate certificate in IT Leadership is currently under development.

A World Class Educational Environment

The curriculum focuses on the following topical areas:

  1. Alignment: IT and the Business

  2. Organization: Management and Structure

  3. CIO Survival and Success Skills

  4. Risk Management and Security

  5. IT Projects and Planning

  6. Strategy and Architecture

  7. Creativity and the IT Executive

  8. IT Futures and the Future of Business

  9. Value Creation and Business Enablement