In cooperation with corporate partners, Florida State College is pleased to host the IT Leadership Academy.

Leadership is something that can be observed, described and explained.  Despite this, the social sciences as they pertain to business leadership are just now beginning to have an impact on the practice of leadership. In the IT world, we know far too little about leadership. The military has its service academies. Top-of-the-tank tycoon-wannabes have Tier One Business Schools. Where do want-to-be-great-leader technologists go?

The IT Leadership Academy, offered in cooperation with selected corporate partners is designed as a special shared space and resource center for a curated and select group of ‘those who would be great leaders’ in the IT workspace.

Leadership books are popular because leadership -- great leadership -- is rare today. This is very true in the IT industry today. Researchers at the IT Leadership Academy asked 300-plus first-level IT executives (those who report to the CIO), second-level executives (who report to the first level) and third-level executives the following question:

What percentage of your IT career would you say you were well led? 20% said they were never well led, 10% said they were well led about a third of their career and 65% said they were well led less than 20% of their career. Leadership is a growth area for many in the IT industry.

The world has changed. Leadership comes in many forms and manifests itself in many ways and many places. IT Leaders today need to master different skills. Key among these is empathy, conversation and risk management. We have to jettison our long-held iconic image of the leader sent from central casting. In the workplace we now have four generations and multiple cultures laboring cheek-by-virtual-jowl together. We live in a world which is hard on leaders and punishing to organizations which are poorly led.

New modes of IT leadership are moving away from a parochial NIH [Not Invented Here] to a PFE [Proudly Found Elsewhere] form of mass collaboration.  James Freedman, former president of Dartmouth College once wrote that American college students were rich in idealism and altruism but poor in role models. "They are not so much indifferent to idealism as uninspired by their elders," he said. The next generation of bathed-in-bits IT executives need new role models.

At the IT Leadership Academy we are involved in a global scavenger hunt to surface and celebrate such leaders.

Programs:  conferences and symposia, colloquia and lecture series, research and reports. 


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